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We’ve Got Your Back – Let’s Own This Together.

Our loan officers are confident and secure knowing that
our business is the success of your business.

We are 100% focused on helping you succeed – it is the driving force behind everything we do at Diversified Capital. As a Loan Officer at Diversified Capital, you can feel secure in knowing you are not alone. Our lending/broker option gives you the flexibility you need while our industry experts offer continued insight and support.

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What we offer

We offer security, options, tactical support and community that give you the competitive advantage you need to get ahead.

  • Security – Peace of mind knowing you have the right tools and the right people to meet your goals
  • Options – Our lending/broker platform let’s you choose what’s right for you
  • Tactical Support – The best production tools and training in the industry
  • Community – Shared resources and advice from other originators

It’s Simple – Our Loan Officers Produce More.

Our loan officers at Diversified Capital Funding can focus on generating revenue. We’ve got everything else covered.

We take care of the business end of things; from business planning, to automated CRM marketing, our bi-annual sales summits, and our turnkey solutions, so you can focus on producing.

The impressive toolkit at Diversified Capital Funding includes:

  • Mortgage Banking Partners
  • Multiple Investor Options
  • Licensing & Training
  • HUD Full-Eagle/VA
  • Loan Processing
  • Multiple AMC Solutions
  • Human Resources
  • Client Database Marketing
  • Employee Benefits
  • Management
    Compliance & Quality Control
  • Loan Servicing

Ownership drives everything we do at Diversified Capital Funding. Our vision is to set the industry standard for homeownership in America, and our commitment is to the continued success of our loan officers. Become part of the winning team, and become a loan officer with Diversified Capital Funding.